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Jim River Guide Service

Jim River Guide Service
Willie Dvorak

Anchorage, AK 99501

Contact Info:
Phone: (605) 887-3561



FOR ALASKA RESIDENTS ONLY: Guided caribou hunting in Alaska is a great way to experience the Alaskan outdoors and hunt one of the most amazing animals on the tundra. Caribou hunting in Alaska is one of the most economical ways of hunting Alaska. Caribou hunts also have the highest success rates. Seeing bands of caribou travel over the hill towards you makes you appreciate life in the Alaskan wilderness. Caribou have the biggest antlers in proportion to their body weight of any other animal. The guide will let you know the trophy quality of the bulls and you and him can discuss whether or not you should take him. Don’t hesitate too long though because once you get behind a caribou, you probably won’t get any closer. They cover the tundra at an unbelievable pace. I recommend a minimum caliber of .270 Win for caribou. Occasionally, long shots are needed to take these trophies. Practice close shots but also practice shots out to 200-300 yards.